The Writer Becomes the Character

My secret (not so much anymore) dream is to break into voice acting. Though I like to stay behind the scenes, be the one pulling the strings, I have always wanted to play on my favorite anime, or something silly like that. I have never gotten paid for any acting work, and quite honestly, I probably never will when it comes to either stage or on-screen production. Radio and animation, however, is what I would really love to try. I got my first opportunity to do so last night.

We were supposed to have a Vampire: Requiem game last night. At the last minute, Matt received a phone call from our dear friend, Scott Johnson. The only thing that I could hear was Matt’s voice saying “ooohhh,” and “oh!” and “ahhh, that sounds fun!” and watch his face light up at whatever prospect Scott was throwing out to him. I could barely contain myself when Matt got off the phone. My immediate reaction was something along the lines of “What was that about? Scott got something going on?”

Turns out, Scott is working with Dread Central to create a series of short radio dramas based off of scary stories. He wrote four already, and needed a cast. The long and short of it—ok, the SHORT of it is that Matt and I jumped at the chance. So last night we went out to Scott's, had some rum and went hog wild with voices for this series of podcasts. Scott will probably be the writer of the majority of them, but I may actually try to tackle one or two myself to see how I could do with the concepts. Even if they don’t get aired or if we don’t wind up doing my scripts, I am still honored to be included in the cast of these. They are called Dreadtime Stories, and will begin to air a week before Halloween (the end of this week, I believe). There will continue to be a new release of these twice every month for at least the next year. Perhaps I can continue to build on my portfolio as an artist, mingle with some people, and progress from there.

I am very excited for the next recording session!

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