Music as Inspiration

Music inspires (duh, Hoshi), and this goes doublely so for writers I think. I don't think that I have met a writer recently who doesn't have their Ipod on shuffle or isn't listening to a specific mix of music when they write. For me personally I have specific songs and specific albums for each of my stories or each section of a story that I am working on. Usually sad-type music or meditative songs like Krishna Das for depressing scenes or stuff like Nightwish for the more elaborate scenes that I am writing. My taste in music is vast so there is no real end to what I can listen to while I am writing.

There's something deep within music that helps to connect a writer to their characters. I have gone so far as to give several of my characters what I like to call "Image Songs", a piece of music that is, in essence, a character's theme. Sometimes the character picks the song, sometimes the song picks the character, but it usually happens if the character strikes me hard enough. The songs can change for the characters as they and I grow. More than likely they will.

So I am posing a question to fellow writers: What sort of music do you listen to when you write? Does anyone else give theme songs to their characters? To their writings? Share it! We can get each other into new tunes!



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Tess Que said...

All my "characters" have theme songs. just as all my writings have them. the range is so vast its hard to put any real pin point on something. the best times though are when the music inspires the writing, and something new and unexpected comes of it. writing to silence is like writing a blank page.