Serenity Campaign Quotes

So. I broke my promise. This isn't unusual. It's not that I'm lazy it's that I honestly haven't had time to post anything. However! Now, I do, and it's to lighten the ever darkening mood of, well . . . life. See, recently I have entered myself into a group of gamers from work and we have formed ourselves a little Serenity game. So as said amusement, below are a list of quotes from the Serenity game. Both in character and out of character quotes. Enjoy them, one and all.


James // GM
Scott // Rhyder (Captain)
Austin // Neferi (Doctor)
Hoshi // Gizane (Hacker)
EJ // Yuiren (Gun Bunny)
Fred // Wally (Engineer)
Christa // Slick (Pilot)
Peter // Andrew (First Mate)
Chris // Keith (Psychotik)
Ryan // John (Merc)


Scott: Honeeyyy!! Here's your Dr. Slushie!

Austin: Where are the guns in here?
Scott: [Points to ranged weapons]
Austin: Those are ranged weapons.
Scott: [Points to pistols] I doubt you'll be throwing this.

James: You could get the Gilgamesh rifle.
EJ: What's a Gilgamesh rifle?
James: [Describes]
EJ: Oooohh!

Hoshi: So . . . Niska Lite?
Austin: Same great taste with half the calories!

Scott: I am PEBKAC!

James: I'll come up with a clan name later.
Austin: The Woo-Tang-Clan!
Hoshi: Never again.

Hoshi: Crossbow bolt won't travel that far in space--
James: It'll travel forever in space!
Hoshi: And not accomplish any damage!

James: One of the tongs—
Scott: Which one?
James: Just the Tongs.
Scott: We're dealing with good Tongs and bad Tongs.
James: Your Tongs.
Scott: You know I ain't a reader right?

James: He's gonna try and dodge.
Scott: Dodge? I'm not using a sword, I'm using a gorram riffle!

James: Push the little red button!
Scott: Which little red button? This isn't MIB!

James: And the Alliance is going to take a shot at my exposed . . . Tong.

James: The Tongs have it covered though. My Tong is on it . . .
Fred: It's the joke that keeps on giving.

Austin: Who has the grenades?
Christa/Hoshi/Scott [in unison]: EJ!
Austin: We're all gonna die.

Fred: My mission in this game is to make sure he never have to use that skill.
Scott: What is your skill in Heavy Weapons?
Fred: d4.
Scott: [Crestfallen] Oh yeah.

Scott: You're gonna wanna think of a common last name for both your characters
Peter: Jameson!
Chris: The first thing that popped into my mind when you said that was Jenna

James: It's not extortion, it's entrepreneurship!
Hoshi: Tomato, tomato.

Austin: [Tries to take Hoshi's seat] I'll throw in a Mountain Dew!
Hoshi: Die in a fire!

Scott: Tread Farbox has them
Hoshi: Well, get the chips from him
Scott: They're in his lap, if you want to grab them, be my guest.
Hoshi: Aaaww, man!

Ryan: I think we should have a night where we watch movies and play video games. I have a Wii!
Fred: Are you sure this is something you want to be proud of?
Ryan: Hey, didn't say you had to play it.
Fred: Is that why you keep handling your sack?

Christa: We could just brand his forehead!
Hoshi: Come on, he's not a Jafaa!

Ryan: Oh come, on, I look radically different than I did the last time!
Austin: You still smell

Fred: Oh I'll wait and look for my opportunity.
Derek [Guest Cast]: What, to scream like a little girl?


Rhyder: So you're giving me a little more than lethal rust bucket?
NPC: that's about it, yes.
Rhyder: Shiny!

Rhyder: [Yui walks up w/ her Gilgamesh] You know I don't gotta tell ya you don't need to me fiddlin' with that on the ship, right?

Neferi: I have a question.
Rhyder: Yes?
Neferi: Are you an idiot?! Anonymous sources? Secret cargo?!
NPC: Didn't stop you from signin' up.

Rhyder: Aaron, Gizzy, check the weapons! Yui, the side cannons! Doc . . . do what you do!
Yui: which isn't much
Neferi: Won't be saying that when you get shot!

Gizane: Oh, Luh Suh--[Realizes there is a beacon going off inside the ship and she scrambles to shut it off] Whew! [Relaxes]
Rhyder: What was that?
Gizane: Uh, nothing. Just a little blip.
[Two Alliance Patrol Boats approach the ship]
Rhyder: Little blip?!
Gizane: I may have exaggerated the the little part.

[Yui shoots a member the opposing Tong multiple times and kicks his dead corpse]
Rhyder: Gorram! You sure he wasn't dead the second time you shot him?
Yui: Positive.
Rhyder: Well then . . . see if I ever give you grenades.

Gizane: And the forecast calls . . . for . . . rain! [Sets off the sprinkler system]

[In a battle just out of of orbit in space, a missile is fired from the ship and detonates early]
Wally: Hey! Thanks for that! Knocked us right back on course!

Elk: [Bad pilot roll from pilot on re-entry] So, this may be the last time we are alive, so do you wanna...
Gizane: We're in a ship that's about to crash. Do you really think now is the best time to be coming onto me?
Elk: I'm just sayin, I mean, in five minutes . . .
Gizane: So you're a minute-man then, eh? [goes back to her work]

Andrew: [After almost crash landing] Well, that was a unique landing . . . as usual
Slick: As usual? Suck my big toe!

Wally: [Rolling trustworthy gut to determine if a repair is screwing us] Dude, fuzzy dice? We don't need to replace our fuzzy dice!

[John is in his prison cell reading a magazine, don't ask me where it came from]
Rid: How'd he get the doc's pornos?
Elk: Hey, leave my pornos alone . . . Hacker Chicks Monthly. . .

Maintenance Tech: [With alliance bullet in his hand] I found this in the ships hull there. I wanted to uh...discuss this with you.
Rid: [Maxes influence roll, maintenance tech freezes, takes the bullet, looks at it] I was doing some target practice [Walks away with it].

More will probably be posted each week. Also, going to try to start up this thing again with some substantial blogging. So Stay Tuned!