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Good morning one and all. First off I would like to thank you for dropping by one of my little corners of the interwebs. I don’t know how well this will go considering the fact that I have tried things like this before and never kept up with them, but I hope that this time around it will be different. I avoid the tl;dr posts I will make this brief. I am an artist and writer and this blog is here to document the ups and downs of the writing process (and maybe some art dumps in the interim).

The novel that I am currently focused on is called Ethereal Heart. It is the first book in a series of novels that I plan to complete. Ethereal Heart is co-authored by Ashley Lorenzo, a good friend with an amazing imagination. She has gone above and beyond any expectations I could ever have hoped to set as far as a partner in writing goes.

Ethereal Heart is currently in the second draft and I’ve been struggling with a lot of the elements to it. The story was actually never supposed to go this far. It was meant as a role play to develop characterization and to gather some new perspectives on the way of telling the story that I was writing at the time, which contained a couple of the characters from said novel. It’s amazing to me how wonderfully things like that develop!

So, after three years in production just to get this far, I think that I am finally ready to start on the final steps to publishing. This is a Blog to learn, to teach, and hopefully meet some fellow writers along the way.

Being that it’s late and I’ve already gone beyond my tl;dr promise, I will update again tomorrow with some additional information and other literary goodness.



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