Another Legend Reduced to Ashes

I'm out of the loop a hell of a lot more than I had originally thought! It was just today that I stumbled through some other writing blogs only to find that Michael Crichton is dead. . . died last week. Wow, I'm unplugged. This comes as a shock to me. You know those stars you love, the ones who you think are so big that they can defy death, and you just want them to live forever? Crichton was one of those guys to me. Yeah, the guy who wrote Jurassic Park is dead. He was also known for many other novels, like The Great Train Robbery and Timeline (yea the movie). It was because of the movie adaptation of Jurassic Park that I had my heart set on becoming a paleantologist when I was about 6 years old--it was later, when Twister came out, that I wanted to be a storm chaser. I still love Science in part because of this man, and my favorite television show to watch with my mother was created by this legend. When I got a little older, and could appreciate his books (post Jurassic Park Movie) I read them, and enjoyed them, and they remain in my top favorite stories. I mean COME ON! The guy created ER!!! . . . then he had to go and die on Election Day. What a shame. I hope for all our sakes that he is remembered for the brilliant man that he was. I bow to you, Mr. Crichton, I bow to you.



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