Luck Matters (And a Thank You)

This blog post is a long time coming. I meant to post it last week, but everything swept me up in a riptide. Aside from hitting my 50,000 word mark on Gestalt (YAY! Roughly halfway finished!!!), we had our first real creative writing group meeting last Thursday night! I have to say: I have never been more impressed with a creative writing group. The talent among my friends is unparalleled. I’m not saying that just because they are my friends, but because they truly are a fantastic group of writers. I count myself, not simply lucky, but honored to have these people in my life. Honest and nearly tangible feedback mixed with great recommended reading and awesome over all writing discussion made it the best night I’ve had as a writer since I graduated high school.

There were only a few of us in attendance, but that’s perfectly fine. I like it that way. We can each read more pages and get better feedback on our respective pieces. Those who did show up had a fantastic first day, and I can’t wait until the next one!

On the 50k word mark note: I think it’s all down-hill from here. My plot notes are there in complete clarity. I have a few tweaks that need to be made and a few details I need to sort out, but I feel that I will finally finish a piece of writing that I am proud of beyond a shadow of a doubt and will willingly submit to anyone wishing to read the adventures of the voices in my head. I hope that I can put my heart and soul into a story that will tug at emotional tethers and be laugh-out-loud funny, all for the purpose of pure entertainment.

I think this time, with the constant backing of all of you who have helped to hold me aloft through my creative process, all the ups and the downs and the rants and the exciting newness of it all, I can attain that goal. Basically, at the half way mark of the story: I love you, and I couldn’t walk this road as well as I have been thus far without your encouragement. Thank you.



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