Alright, I took the advice of multiple people on this one. It fits rather well, so I decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and switch between the points of views of two main characters in my Gestalt novel. For about the first hundred pages or so it will be told from Aimee’s point of view, then switch to Kay’s, then back to Aimee and so on until I’ve finished. This way I can get all perspectives from the protagonists and the antagonists—and also hopefully make the reader struggle within themselves just like the characters about who’s side to take. It also helps me pull in the antagonist the way I want him to be pulled in.

Not to say this hasn’t proven to be a freaking massive undertaking. Writing in first person is something I've never done before, but now having to tackle two completely different mindsets may make me Schizophrenic!!

I’ve found in the first chapter or so that I’ve been writing from Kay’s viewpoint that it’s hard to find her voice while still maintaining the over-all tone of the story. Aimee is the smart ass and sardonic of the two, but Kay so far is beginning to take on the same traits as Aimee and I am not certain if I like it or not—or if it will make them seem too similar. Kay’s story is a little more on the dark side. She’s fucked up beyond all repair when she first arrives. Moving her story along without making her into a whiny emo bitch is going to be hard.

Somehow I have to find a happy medium between the stir of emotions in Kay and her usual bubbly nature.

Maybe I will take a short break in the next few days to do some character sketches and gather thoughts.

Wish me luck . . .

Happy Holidays all!



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